Maxshine Wheel Stand Tire Roller for Wheel Cleaning, Coating and Polishing

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Maxshine Wheel stand are suitable for deep cleaning of wheels, coating and polishing of wheels, and other tire protection activities. Very suitable for use in tire protection and repair, cleaning and beauty.

Heavy car and truck wheels and tires require maintenance too, Maxshine wheel stand can help make processes like cleaning, polishing and protecting more efficient and effective. By removing the wheel from the vehicle to work on it will reduce stress on your body by having it in an ideal position. Easily rotate the wheel on the stand to reach each part of the wheel ensuring an even result.

Durable Construction

Wheel Stand is all about quality, stability and durability.

Engineered with steel box tubing, it will survive years of heavy use.


Just roll over your tire over Wheel Roller stand and rotate wheels easily for cleaning and lubrication, Tire Inspection, etc.

Save time and effort

It lifts the car tire off the ground, holds it a comfortable working height and keeps it stable and secure, so you can focus on the task you're doing


Keep the tires out of contact with the ground and also prevent scratching the rim and frame.

  • Clean, polish and protect your wheels the most efficient and effective way possible. This tool will help you get the job done faster while producing an even overall result.
  • Heavy duty construction and materials used to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this tool. The aluminum frame used is optimal for durability and to prevent corrosion.
  • The casters are polyurethane and have a locking lever. Smoothy rotate your wheel with full control making the next working section accessible.
  • Easy to clean, store and take with you on the go.
  • Attaches to factory tail hitch mount using existing holes. No drilling is require




Weight: 12.5kg

Style: 3 pcs grey rollers

Color: Black

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