IK Foam PRO 2 Sprayer (64 oz)

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iK Pro 2 Foaming Sprayer is an easy, quick and efficient way to foam your vehicle clean. This detailing tool lays down a thick layer of foam that is generated from pressurized air. With very little effort, you can drastically reduce the time it would take using traditional washing methods. By combining this tool with several chemical products, you get the luxury of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality results. 

This product features a rugged design and strong polycarbonate internals to stand up to even the harshest of chemicals. This sprayer can take the hit if accidentally dropped and is easy to breakdown for thorough cleaning after heavy use.

This sprayer dispenses a thick layer of foam on the desired surface and ensures an even application, rather than using too much or too little in certain areas. This product is ideal for cleaning engine bays, fender wells, wheels, and exhaust tips in a controlled manner. When testing pressurized sprayers, foamers, and diluting accessories, we wanted a premium and rugged feel as these sprayers would have to withstand the harshest of environments.

The new Pro 2 design features a wider, more sturdy base that will not tip over during your details. In addition, the capacity has been changed from 35-42 usable ounce storage in it’s 64 ounce total capacity! When pressurized to the maximum 45 PSI, this sprayer boasts a 0.5L/min flow rate to easily cover your wheels, tires, body panels, and engine bay with your favorite foaming product.

The iK Pro 2 Foaming Sprayer allows you to bring the detail bay to your local pay and spray with foaming action in controlled sprayers. Save your hands and fill up the sprayer with Shampoo to have foam gun or cannon at your fingertips in just a few pumps. Depending on the procedures needing to be done, this product is the perfect tool for your routine washes.

This product is acid safe and can withstand corrosive chemicals with its rugged internal construction. When mixing products with water for dilution we recommend hot/warm water and a thorough shake before squeezing the trigger to ensure a homogenous mixture. This product can be used in any environment, both indoors or outdoors, and should be regularly cleaned after use with harsh chemicals. For proper storage, the sprayer must be depressurized by the white pressure release valve to ensure leaking will not occur while in storage.


  • NEW: PROFESSIONAL GRADE 64oz HAND PUMP SPRAYER Designed Especially For The Application of SHAMPOOS, DETERGENTS, and FOAMING AGENTS Used In The Automotive Detailing and Industrial Cleaning / Janitorial Industries. Creates Thick Long Dwelling Foam – No Hose or Pressure Washer Needed.
  • HEAVY-DUTY INJECTION MOLDED 64oz (50oz Useful Capacity) Polypropylene / Polyethylene Tank with Viton Seals and Washers
  • COMES WITH 3 COLOR-CODED MIXER ADAPTERS: ORANGE (Wet Foam), GREEN (Dry Foam), GREY (Standard Foam) & Extra Inline Filter. Pressure Release Safety Valve @ 45 psi (Depressurizable Option) + Safety Lock Trigger Option, ISO-9001:2008 Certified
  • CAPABLE OF FOAMING CAR WASH SOAP / SHAMPOO, All Purpose Cleaners / Degreasers, Carpet Shampoo & Iron Decontamination Chemicals
  • NEW HEAVY-DUTY STABLE BASE + 2 Color-Coded Handle Tips For Chemical ID (Blue / Green) + Extra Nozzle Storage and Large Filling Mouth For No-Splatter Filling.

The sprayer offers the option of varying the type of foam. To that end there are three different mixers:

 - The green mixer has a dry foam suitable when not wishing to wet the surface to be cleaned. This mixer is in a sachet.

- The grey mixer has an intermediate foam for all kinds of jobs. This mixer is fitted as standard feature on the apparatus.

- The orange mixer has a wet foam and greater coverage, suitable when wanting to cover a large surface area (cars, windows, etc). This mixer is in a sachet.

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