Griot's Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat 48 fl oz (1.42 L)

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Ceramic Wash & Coat's ultra-slick formula offers versatile application, adaptable to your preferred method of washing including the traditional contact bucket wash or in a foaming tool such as a Foaming Sprayer or Foam Cannon. The concentrated, pH balanced, low-sudsing formula can be used to maintain existing wax, sealed, or coated finishes or as your sole source of protection. It's so hydrophobic, your car will have substantially less water on the paint after a wash, saving tons of time in the drying process. Ceramic Wash & Coat is safe on all exterior materials and will impart ceramic protection to paint, exterior trim, wheels and glass. Layering Ceramic Wash & Coat, Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax, and Ceramic Speed Shine® delivers a winning combo for best in class ceramic protection. 


VERSATILE! Can be used with foam guns, foam cannons, foam sprayers, and even in a classic bucket!

SiO2 INFUSED! Layer protection on your paint every single time you wash it!

SAFE! Griot’s Garage Wash & Coat is packed with lubricants to safely remove contamination!


  • Apply to a cool surface in the shade.
  • Prior to washing prepare wash tools for process.
  • Use high-pressure to rinse the vehicle from top down to rid surface of loose contaminants


  • Precisely dilute 4 ounces of Ceramic Wash & Coat into a foam cannon and fill to top line with water (8:1 dilution) For a foaming sprayer, dilute 6 oz. into reservoir and fill to top with water (6:1 dilution).
  • Shake to mix
  • Apply Ceramic Wash & Coat from bottom-up to half the vehicle at a time, including wheels, glass, and trim.
  • Immediately agitate surface with clean microfiber wash tool and rinse from top to bottom.


  • Dilute 2 ounces of Ceramic Wash & Coat per gallon of water (64:1 dilution).
  • High-pressure rinse vehicle to remove loose contaminants.
  • Wash vehicle one panel at a time from top to bottom using a microfiber wash tool.
  • Following wash, dry using a PFM, dry using a microfiber drying towel.

NOTE: Do not use more product than instructed as residue may occur. Should streaking occur, wipe vehicle down post wash with Ceramic Speed Shine to ensure uniform, ultra-hydrophobic, glossy finish.

For optimal performance, pre-wash using Brilliant Finish Car Wash via foam cannon. For max durability, Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax or Ceramic Speed shine can be misted on the surface prior to rinsing for increased SiO2 hydrophobic protection and improved drying. Simply spray on surface as you immediately rinse for additional water beading and candy-like gloss.

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Item ID N/A
Volume 48 oz
Type of Soap Cleaner Soap, Wax & Sealant Maintenance Soap
Manufacturer Griot's Garage
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