CARPRO PolyShave Decontamination Block

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For professionals and enthusiasts alike the Polyshave Decontamination Block is a simple and fast method to remove contaminants from the surface of exterior automotive finishes and glass. CARPRO Polyshave block is one of three options in their Polyshave line and is constructed to last much longer than clay.

With CARPRO advanced Rubber Polymer Technology bonded to a 1" x 2" x 3 1/4" backing you have excellent control over the tool and another great option for eliminating the need for detailing clay.

Decontamination of the paint surface is critical to proper auto care for a multitude of reasons. You want to remove all contaminants before polishing so you can work on a clean canvas rather than dragging tiny contaminants across the paint during the polishing phase. Remove them first! Then polish... Utilizing any of CARPRO Polyshave products you can remove the above surface bonded contaminants and use CARPRO Iron X to remove anything below the surface of the paint as well!

For years clay was THE cornerstone of vehicle decontamination but now with CARPRO Polyshave Towels, Pads, and Blocks, Iron X, TRIX, and Tar X that offers a variety of methods to remove decontamination from the surface. Like clay the Polyshave Decon Block removes the above surface contaminants but UNLIKE clay it is not as time consuming. Also unlike clay if you drop any product from CARPRO Polyshave line it can be rinsed off and still used! With clay anytime its dropped it becomes instant trash and must be tossed out.

Deep clean the paint and glass in less time and with less effort than a traditional clay bar. CARPRO new advanced rubber polymer technology removes above surface paint, road grime, tar, over spray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust, and other bonded surface contaminants easily. After use the surface will be clean, smooth, and free of all contaminants.


- Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
- Quickly shaves away surface contaminants and leaves surface smooth to the touch
- Re-useable: Simply rinse after use and re-use time and again
- Replaces aggressive claying
- Removes contamination faster than clay
- Eliminate hand and finger fatigue
- Lasts 5 times longer than clay at a fraction of the cost


- Size: 1" x 2" x 3 1/4"
- Material: Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
- Color: Handle Grey / Surface Side Black


- Always wash vehicle before use of Polyshave or clay products
- Important: Break in PolyShave block on the glass before use on paint
- Keep surface well lubricated with CARPRO Immolube Multi-Purpose Lubricant or your favorite clay lubricant
- Keep surface wet and well lubricated during each section
- Do not use heavy pressure, simply glide across surface with block flat
- Rinse often to maintain a clean working surface
- Wipe off each section with Microfiber towel before moving to next


- As with any mechanical decontamination products, polishing afterwards may be needed to remove micro marring
- Store in closed container after use with polyshave side facing up with no contact of any other material pressing against it
- Do not store in vehicle or allow to sit in usn or heat for extended periods
- If you are new to these types of products check paint in direct lighting after one section to verify correct use

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